Monday, January 30, 2012

Fat People - Life After Death

The whole fat issue is not worth discussing, it's really not. It's simple maths. Eat more calories than you burn and you're fat.

If you're fat you're eating too much. End of story. You're not big boned.  You can try to convince me but I'm not buying it. I went to school. I know skeletons don's show up as soft rolls on the outside of your body. If you keep thinking that you're just big boned you're as wrong as a sultana in a salad. Period.

I don't mind fat people. They don't bother me. The people who bother me are the ones who believe in life after death and still refuse to eat junk food!


You want to hang around here in this existence longer when you *know* you're going to spend eternity in a place that you think is better than here anyway. It doesn't make sense. You should have cake. There are zero ramifications for you. You're going to spend the after life being OK anyway so what the hell are you not eating cake for?! Have the fucking cake. Eat it! Stop pretending you're doing the right thing by not eating the cake. If anyone would be able to have cake without guilt it's you!


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